Pityriasis Rosea From Zaggora Hot Top

I’m posting this in hopes to find other women who experienced Pityriasis Rosea or any other rashes from a Hot Top made by Zaggora. I have posted about them before. In fact, they were one of my favorite things from 2012 and I still love the products. I am just baffled by this rash and want to know if anyone else had this happen to them.

Zaggora came out with new colors of their Hot Top and I purchased a grey one as a Groupon Goods item.

After wearing it to work out I broke out in a weird rash that was later diagnosed as Pityriasis Rosea, a harmless rash that has a distinctive pattern. I took the medication and after it went away I wore the other tops from the same company (but from their original batch of products) and was fine. I then wore the same top again, freshly washed, and broke out in the same rash again.

I could only conclude that the Hot Top was the cause of my rash. It is a bit strange, though, because Pityriasis Rosea is generally thought to have no known cause, but some physicians believe there are triggers.

I contacted both Zaggora and Groupon, who refuse to offer a refund, exchange, or replacement in any form. I even offered to send it back to the manufacturer for analysis, but they had no interest.

In a month long email conversation with Zaggora they originally offered an exchange if I obtained a doctor’s note saying he believed it caused my rash. I obtained the note, they they said they could not locate my order. I advised again, as I stated in all emails, that I got it via Groupon Goods. The reneged on their exchange offer and  ultimately argued that it is neoprene based and that some people’s skin reacts to it.

Even though I have mentioned it in nearly every email they fail to comprehend  that I have 6 other of their neoprene items and have had no breakout whatsoever. I also scuba dive and have worn a variety of rental wetsuits while traveling, also with no breakouts.

Groupon is unable to offer a refund because it is well over their 14 day return policy by now.

Has anyone, anywhere broken out in a rash after wearing a Zaggora Hot Top? If so, please comment and let me know what color where you ordered it from.