How I Beat the Stigma of Network Marketing

“What was your turning point, what made you get past that stigma of MLM?” (I was asked this a few days ago by a good friend that my husband and I have known since junior high).

I have a few reasons why I got past the negative stereotypes of MLM (multi-level marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing)

1. My mom is a brilliant professional CPA with a MBA and teaches business at a state university. She is also a certified fraud examiner.

Mom is a sought after consultant on business advice. She is my sponsor because she worked with Steve Smith before with Excel. I trust her and her judgment, as do many of her clients.

2. I was initially sold on the fact that, as a small business owner, I could write off my cell phone, internet, ink, paper, dining out, office furniture (i.e. HOME office), entertainment (like going to the movies, etc) ALL by leaving a card or talking to someone about being my free customer or a rep.

THEN my very best friend in Little Rock passed away and I literally did nothing for months.

Once I began to come to terms with my loss I started to realize that I was stuck in a crappy “job” that paid next to nothing for a director of marketing of 26 stores in 5 states and I was still required to clock in, expected to take short lunches, etc. You know the drill…

3. So I started educating myself by using…you guessed I searched for general definitions, names of the key people, forum threads, etc. I continue to do this monthly (even after almost 2 years later) because I believe education is the key to understanding what you’re doing.

I also found a section about MLM the textbook my mom taught with in her business class….. about how MLM is often misunderstood but it is just like owning a McDonald’s franchise, only without the overhead, employees to pay, major capital investment, no health codes to worry about, and there’s no product to stock-you just send people to your website.

4. Then the final turning point for me… I earned an all expenses paid trip to a luxury resort in Cancun JUST for signing up, like, 3 people in 4 months, if my memory serves me correctly.Something very small like that…

There I met, hung out with, and picked the brains of our owner, the famous network marketing Steve Smith who created the marketing plan for Excel Communications, his son (our COO) Rayner, Rayner’s wife Tanya (our director of communications) and Danny-who was brand spanking new at the time (our director of rep success)

Spending quality time with these people really REALLY told me I had made the right decision and shortly after that I gave my boss the boot and started building my business full time.

5. I have never looked back. Be advised- I will never suggest that someone just up and quit their job to do MLM full time right out of the gate…but that’s why you have ME on your team. That’s one reason I made the big leap.

I knew a long time ago that I could never help someone do network marketing part time if I didn’t lead by example and dive right in to get my hands on all that’s going on.

If you’re looking for a proven marketing plan, unbeatable compensation, as well as strong leadership in your upline-you’ve found it.

Live the dream, you can make it happen…you just gotta take that first step….


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