The Little Red Book That Changed Everything

Recently I was encouraged to read Jeffrey Gitomer’s “Little Red Book of Selling” by a friend who was doing business to business sales at 100% commission

While much of this book is more directed towards someone who closes major deals, etc. I learned a lot from it and wanted to share it with you guys.

It changed everything for me because it made me think about business from a perspective that was different from my own.

A few tips I picked up:

#1 changed my voicemail from the boring “Sorry I’m not here. Leave a message…blah-blah-blah” to something more exciting. If you have my number check it out!

#2 decided to join a local Toastmaster’s group. I was voted in to my local club Wednesday and look forward to the enhanced speaking skills I will develop.

#3 have looked into what types of free informational speeches I can give at my chamber of commerce. I’ve been a member for a few months now.

#4 continued to ask people for their business.

#5 worked on my business cards.

#6 learned to go above the “fundraising” person straight to the board members with fundraiser proposals.

#7 made contact to join a local charity event’s board of directors

While this list is short it is super important! Anyone who cares about their business or sales performance needs to check out this book because it has very helpful information that could very well change your financial future.

Also be sure to pick up the author’s other books- they’re fabulous!


4 thoughts on “The Little Red Book That Changed Everything

  1. Angela……I have been reading jeffrey’s books and think they have excellent and (very necessary) action steps if you want to be successful in your business but my obstacles lie in the emotional realm……suggestions?

    • Hi Dawn- thank you for reading-this is an older post from my old personal blog but I thought it was still relevant. I, too, struggle with the emotional realm… and I think it will just take practice and eventually we will dwell less and less on the emotional aspects of building a business. You are definitely not alone in your struggles!

  2. i know this is not exactly on topic, but i have a blog using the blogengine platform as well and i’m having issues with my comments displaying. is there a setting i am forgetting? maybe you could help me out? thank you.

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