Happiness is a Choice

Most people tell me  they HATE how cheerful I am even when bad things happen to me….but I tell them there was a time when I WAS gloomy and complained about everything. It was when I worked as a director of marketing for 26 stores in 5 states. I dealt with stuff that annoyed me ALL day so the last thing I wanted to do when I got off work was interact with people. I hated the old me. The old me was very unhappy and it showed.

So. Happiness is a choice. I choose to be happy and to see the bright side of things. Is it always easy? Heck no. Sometimes it’s downright difficult, like today.

Here”s how my day went:

Woke up before my alarm. David called saying he forgot something for work. I got up, got ready, took his stuff to work then headed out to UAMS for my 8:30 am standardized patient session.

I go to get gas. The machine won’t take my card for the first time ever. I have to run inside and it’s a problem with the machine. (I’m going to be late at this point)

Then when I got onto 440 I got a chip in my windshield. Then about 15 minutes later I narrowly escaped death. Seriously. I was in the fast lane and before I knew it a dump truck 3 or 4 cars ahead came to a dead stop and we were all going about 80 mph. I somehow slid my car into the left break down lane and ended up inches away from the cement barrier and at an angle into the left lane. I should have gotten clipped after the incident AND should have hit the car in front of me but somehow that never happened. Everything happened so fast and I KNOW there was someone right behind me so my only explanation is that someone upstairs was watching out for me.

I sit there a minute- regrouping. Then I get back on the interstate. I get to UAMS. The parking lot ticket machine is broken (we get our parking validated by the college of medicine).

Needless to say… just about everything that COULD go wrong did go wrong today yet I was just thankful to be alive and to have the opportunity to help others. Life is just too short to get mad or stressed out over the little things. Do I still get stressed? Of course. Everybody does…but the key is to stay in control and keep it from ruining your day AND keep it from changing how you treat people.

How do you deal with life’s everyday stresses?


4 thoughts on “Happiness is a Choice

  1. well i have two very stressed jobs working with the elderly and disabled children and at times feel like i cant go on!but knowing that i make a difference in the lives of the people i care for keeps me going.i care for an elderly couple that would be in a nurseing home if i wasnt there and care for children in a long term care facility that rarely ever see their so called families.i look around at times and think how can any small or large stress in my life compare to the ones that these people have.simple remedy i know,when im stressed i take a deep breath,count my blessings and keep on keeping on:)

    • right on! thank you so much for sharing Tegan! Your job is SO important and I am glad you look on the bright sides of it!!

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