The Evils of at Home Product Parties

Have you ever seen people, usually women, post on facebook “I’m having a (spa party, girls night out party, passion party, scentsy party, jewelry party) please come it will be so much fun!” or “I’m looking to book a party please message me”?

Do you know what that’s about?  Well, my friend, they are trying to get you to attend their network marketing at home product party.

Yes. It’s true. Here’s how it goes. There is a rep or consultant. There is a host who opens their home to guests. Then there are the guests.

People come to the party, the rep starts showing the products and people start getting themselves excited about the products they are seeing. Then they buy like crazy.

This is called a high peer pressure situation. All the other guests are happily whipping out their cash and credit cards to give their info to a sales rep they just met and everybody feels the urge to spend.

What this does is make people spend money on non-necessity items like cookware, vibrators, makeup, candle wax warmers, and the like which makes that customer’s own monthly budget tight.

How do I know this? I saw it first hand. I made the mistake once of saying “sure you can host a party at my house” and I saw co-workers spend money on outrageously priced adult items like they were going out of style.

One co-worker even complained later that week that she was unable to pay all the electric bill because of the large purchase she had made at that party. Why did they do that? Because of peer pressure, pure and simple.

Those companies who purposely disquise their marketing plans as parties cause nothing but harm to the American pocketbook because they invite guests under the guise of a low key social event, corner them into listening to a sales pitch, then put them in a high pressure and high peer pressure buying sales situation.

Now are these victims able to say no? Yes. They have a choice but I have never seen someone at an at home product party say “no, I really can’t afford it this month. I will buy next time” without the rep saying “oh, darn-well you should know these will go really fast,” “you deserve it- just be tighten on your budget next month,” etc.

Mary Kay, Passion Parties, Partylite, Avon, Pampered Chef, Scentsy- I’m talking to you. Stop deceiving consumers and luring them into high pressure sales situations! There are hundreds of other guilty companies. Too many to name, sadly.

Have you ever been a witness or victim of a high peer pressure buying situation disguised as an at home party? Please share your experiences with me!

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