Rediscovering why I joined MLM in the first place

Today I had a really interesting conversation with a friend about network marketing during lunch that made me reflect on MLM in general.

It made me realize why I joined network marketing in the first place- it was to help PEOPLE. The thing that appealed to me was the fact I could impact so many people’s lives in a positive way just by being a leader and helping them reach their own goals.

“But what about the money?” Yeah. What about it? The money will come if you do right by other people. If you treat other people well and help however you can then the income will grow.

Network marking should be less about the company, the top earners, the products, the comp plan, the rah-rah meetings, or the promotions and more about helping people and learning life lessons!

With the epic crash and burn of a company I promoted heavily in 2009 I became a little jaded and had forgotten my real why. My why is about myself and my family, sure, only that is just a result of my REAL primary why- to help PEOPLE reach their goals and find the leader inside themselves.

So. Am I done with network marketing?

At this exact second I honestly am unable to answer that. If all the elements are right then I might choose to promote another company in the future. However, I’m too busy with our out-of-state military move to even give starting a new MLM a second thought. ┬áMaybe after we get settled in to our new lives…

Have you ever become jaded about something, only to rediscover what you loved about it in the first place?