New City New State New Skills

So, we’re here. We made it to Oklahoma City on October 1 and are getting settled in. Everything’s unpacked and now we’re just getting our bearings.

Everybody is VERY nice and helpful. I’m a bit green with the big city driving but I know that will come with time.

I’ve picked up a couple of new skills, too: I can now fix existing websites made with web design software like Dreamweaver so if you know anybody who had a web designer that bailed on them  let me know because I can do that.

The other set of skills is pending. I got hired on at a big computer company doing a help desk project for a big airplane company so I’ll be doing some PT tech support. I’m just waiting for the start date next month.

In the mean time David and I are exploring our local area together which has been a lot of fun!

David seems to love his job, the kittens love the condo (the stairs are their favorite) but I definitely miss my cute little 5 year old house. This condo is older than we are so-yeah. It fits our needs, though, and the price was right.

Biggest difference between OKC and LR? The WIND! It is SO windy here! I am convinced THIS should be the windy city.  OH, and people are really REALLY into football.

Overall, though, I think we will like it here.

Favorite restaurants so far:

  • Jersey Mikes
  • Freddy’s
  • Pickerman’s Sandwiches
  • Mediterranean Grill
  • Swadley’s BBQ

Favorite grocery stores:

  • Crest- so far our #1 favorite
  • Homeland was nice inside but the deals were lack luster.
  • GFF in Moore had some good deals but it’s busy, the produce was so-so-, and it’s pretty out of the way for us.

Change is hard…but sometimes a change is what we needed…

Have you ever been through a big move, or one that FELT big?  Or do you know of a place in OKC that we need to check out? Let me know!


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