A Modern Woman’s Guide to Attracting A Mate

Even though I am happily married and the advances are unwanted I get hit on alot, even when I was overweight (even though I was less outgoing) and I wanted to share my secrets in hope it will help someone else, or at least give folks a good laugh.

It dawned on me that a lot of women I know are looking for that special  someone in their lives and struggle to find that person. You may wonder why I’m saying person and mate- well, I’m an equal opportunity kind of person and while I’m writing this with a woman and man in mind, I imagine these tips could benefit the lesbian community…but I highly doubt these will work for men. If they do, let me know!

So, without further adieu, here’s how!

And yes, I really did do these things and I really did get hit on while doing them.

The 4 most successful semi-humorous semi-serious tips for attracting a mate:

1. Dress down: (this is the most important tip of all!)

Women looking for love- stop looking like you care about your appearance! I mean, wash your face and take a shower and such, but stop doing your hair, stop wearing makeup, stop looking like you care! EVERY time I get hit on it is when my hair is a curly mess, I have sweats or jeans and a t-shirt on, or am wearing scrubs. I wish I had pictures of how I looked when I got hit on but trust me, it was “What Not to Wear”-ish. I have no explanation of why this attracts attention but it does. Just do it!

2. Attitude is everything

Stop acting like you care about your appearance and/or about getting a mate. Very few people are looking to be in a relationship with someone who physically appears, gives off an vibe of, or IS desperate. Once you stop caring about how you look and stop caring about if you’ll get in a relationship you’ll start noticing a big difference! People are attracted to confidence. Since desperation is the total opposite of confidence you can see why desperate people (even those who just look like it or give off a desperate vibe) are single.

3. Be your natural self and stop looking for/expecting attention:

This goes along with dressing down and wearing no makeup. I get hit on ALL THE TIME when I’m a) not expecting it and b) being myself without even realizing that dude is paying attention to me. Still be aware of your surroundings because that’s just being safe but stop physically (or mentally) eyeing prospective mates from across the room.

4. Smile:

Smile at strangers, smile at service people, smile at mean people- just SMILE! Your happiness comes through to complete strangers when you smile and your dreamboat is looking for someone who is happy, confident, and kind. Besides, we all know smiling is contagious so share your joy with others by smiling.

Embracing these tips will surely help to attract love to your life, be it romantic or platonic.

Will it bright your perfect match? Perhaps- but if nothing else at least you’ll have more possibilities for romance!

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