10 Tips to Save Money In 2012

WOW! It’s 2012 and it’s almost the second month of 2012, at that! So, many people make resolutions around this time of year but how many keep them?

My challenge to you if, if you NEED IT, to get in control of your finances this year. Some people are already on top of their money, but most people can always save or spend more wisely.

I have some homework for you- all of things things have helped me become even more financially mature.

1. Watch the Suze Orman Show every Saturday night 8 central on CNBC. You can also download the podcast for free on iTunes.

2. Take a look at these 20 ways to trim up your budget– things like ditching cable tv and using Netflix streaming instead, use coupons, use cash back credit or debit cards, shop online via eBates, etc.

3. Watch Till Debt Do Us Part every Saturday night at 9 central on CNBC if you DO decide to keep your cable.

4. Watch The Money Class on Oprah’s OWN channel that premiered 1/9/2012 if you keep your cable, or check out the online material.

5. Eat dinner at home! We did this last Monday-Friday and we saved at least $75  ($15x 5 days)

If you like a particular type of food learn how to cook it at home and be amazed at how much you save!

Our vice was sushi. We would send $35 or more plus tip every time we went out to eat sushi (about 2+ times a month) so, to lessen the financial blow, we picked up this tool called the Sushezi on Amazon, watched MySushiDaddy on Youtube and taught ourselves to make some pretty darn good crabstick based sushi- plus we’re saving a bundle!

6. Pick up every piece of change you see on the ground- I mean, come it- it’s free money!

7. BUDGET! It makes a difference! Try using this budget calculator 

8. Shop at your local thrift stores. I have purchased brand new looking clothes from names like Abercrombie & Fitch, Eddie Bauer, Gap, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, Express, etc. just by shopping at thrift stores and I’ve saved a bundle of money doing it!

9. If you have stocks check to see if they have a DRIP program- (Dividend Reinvestment Plans) If so, enroll. This takes your stock’s dividends and automatically reinvests them in fractional shares of the stock, so, in essence, saving you money. Also take  a look at these no cost DRIPs.

10. Buy store brand instead of name brand at the grocery store. I have bought store brand for years and for most products I am unable to tell a difference in the taste and quality when compared side by side with a brand name product. PLUS they’re less expensive!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!

How do you intend to save money this year?

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