6 Things Moving Out of State Taught Me

We got the shocking news that the military was moving us to Oklahoma City in October 2011. It is shocking because moves are rare in David’s job unless you ask..which he did. We were just surprised he got it.

Moving on-

This is just a short-off-the-top-of-my-head list of things that this move has taught me or reminded me of:

1. I love making money! I started working part time at a tech support helpdesk and I love making nearly FT money at PT hours

2. It is doubtful that I’ll ever have a home custom built because if I am this sad over not being in our brand  new home (we are the first owners) then I am sure I’ll be ever more sad moving away from a custom home.

3. We had it so good and wasted so much money on frivolous things so I am happy to live in this less-than 1978 condo so that we can live “more than”..meaning that we can appreciate what we had, what we have now, acknowledge we wasted so much money (to the tune  5 years of my ft income because we used to have very little in savings), and be more mindful of our purchases now and in the future.

4. Whenever you go to move somewhere look at the crime rates in the area, Google street view the street, etc. We live in a lovely, safe area, it’s just that the condos are just a little older than I would normally have chosen.

5. If you have a choice of where you move look at local weather trends. We had NO idea how bad the wind was here and at times it makes riding a motorcycle more of a pain than a pleasure.

6. Use UrbanSpoon when trying out local eateries. I, and other users, tend to leave very helpful and detailed descriptions of our experience there.

Have you ever learned anything from moving? If so, please share your experience here, I’d love to read it!

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