Green Bags Keep It Fresh

The Debbie Meyer Green Bags were a toss  up for me- I really expected them not to work at ALL. They were a gift and, in fact, I didn’t use them for a really long time because I was convinced they wouldn’t work.

I got bored one day and put some of our fresh veggies in one of them and left the other vegetables in the fridge bin like usual.

The green bagged vegetables WAY outlasted the non-bagged ones. Granted, I wasn’t intending to do this blog when I did this experiment a year ago so I have no idea the actual amount of days they outlasted but I know it was more than 3 days that the green bagged veggies were good past the non-bagged ones.

Pretty amazing, huh? Especially for about $10 at your local grocery or home store!

  • Keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer in Green Bags
  • Able to be re-used up to 10 times, the Green Bags help save money and reduce waste
  • Designed to keep certain produce fresh for approximately 30 days
  • Helps reduce vitamin loss by up to 50 percent
  • Included in the package are 10 large and 10 medium bags


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