The Shakeweight Gets Tested

Wow. This product is one that REALLY surprised me. I thought it would be a total flop but opted to spend the $20 at walgreens just to try it.

  • First and foremost you need to know that the shakeweight is not motorized.

While now I KNOW a motorized weight would do nothing to make a person stronger it DOES look like it is motorized on the commercials because the operators are so good at using it.

  • So, right out of the box my expectations had to be changed.

Well, to give you a general idea of my body type I’m totally not athletic and am pretty soft around the edges.

  • I’ve used it for 6 minutes a day but only about every other day (or even less frequently) and I already notice tone biceps starting to form!
  • Just remember to hold the shakeweight correctly (watch the DVD that comes in the box) and move the weight as fast as you can.

All in all- it is worth it if you do it…like most things in life!

Have you used the shakeweight? Share your experiences here!


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