Dear Sorry Generation

I found this in my Facebook feed one day, then it disappeared. After some Googling I was able to locate a version of it and wanted to share it with you all.

I think it is pretty fitting for the generation of young people that adults have raised.

Dear “Sorry Generation”,

I am sorry that no one ever said “no” to you. We plied you with video games to keep you quiet.A lot of those games were so violent that you might of been traumatized but we never said no to you becayse we wanted you to “fit in” or maybe we just wanted to be your “friend” instead of your parent. Sorry…that we gave everyone an award at the sports event. You missed a basic lesson in pride and achievement, that even if you weren’t the star player, you could have tried harder, like Michael Jordan did after he was cut from his freshman basketball team. We all have adversity- but you wouldn’t know that, because we indulged in the sense of entitlement that you felt you were “owed”. You’ll never know that sense of accomplishment when you “beat the odds”.

Sorry that we allowed you to participate in “social media”- it left you with no social skills and no real friends. We stopped showing you after school specials with morality lessons- because we didn’t want to “impose” our morals. We mocked guys like Tim Tebow and idolized Charlie Sheen. We bred you on witches, vampires, ghost and zombies and then wonder why you don’t respect human life. Sorry we never made you say the “Pledge of Allegiance”. The lesson was less about “under God” and more about that a pledge was your bond and allegiance was loyalty- both qualities you lack.

We should have taught you to be pro choice. Pro choice, not referring to abortion but that no matter what has been done to you- you have a CHOICE to be moral, decent, ethical person. Sorry we have become a society that blamed everything from conservatives, liberals, immigrants, native peoples, gays, straights, the rich, the poor, wifi, dial up, doctors,police, lawyers, comedians, actors,athletes, and even Emeniem for the problem. We searched for answers that were right in front of us. We failed you and now YOU are the problem.

-Seen on The Missouri Patriot’s Facebook page

2 thoughts on “Dear Sorry Generation

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  2. Insightful, depressing article. Perhaps it’s the natural optimist in me but I feel like everything negative in that article has a positive, or at least another perspective to view our generation from. Yes, we have a selfish streak of entitlement and we are less aware of politics than we should be, but we have a strong moral tide and we’re more interconnected in terms of information access (not saying that that’s a replacement for true knowledge, though.) Overall, interesting, thanks for sharing…

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