My Full Makeover Experience

Here’s a little story about winning a makeover that changed my life.

I was scrolling through Facebook mid January and saw a post from a local newspaper asking military wives with husband’s returning in early February to submit a brief essay about why they should win the “Give Me Liberte” makeover,

I’m an opportunist, and was an English major who has won a few local awards in my day, so I thought it was worth a shot since David’s return date was within that time frame.

A week later I got the call that I had won. I was pretty excited to be one of the winners. Then I found out I was THE winner.

A bit about me- I am a very low maintenance kind of person. Before the makeover my last haircut was about 8 months ago. I pulled my hair back into a low pony and went to work with whatever I grabbed from my closet that day. I gave very little thought to what I wore to work, though I did actually try when it came to going out with my husband. I never wear makeup,  shop mostly at thrift stores, and I have  lost over 50 pounds in the previous few years and went from a size 16 to a size 4.

My weight loss is credited to a few things. Besides my husband’s support and willpower, I lost the weight with Medifast  and I lost the inches after I reached my goal with Zaggora’s weight loss clothing.

I had no idea what was in store for me. I assumed there would be some outfits, some makeup, some hair stuff, etc. I tried on AMAZING European clothes, got my hair done from a premier local stylist, had my makeup done by someone who has done work on A list actors in LA, had a professional photo shoot, and GOT TO KEEP THE CLOTHES.

The store providing the makeover was Liberte of Oklahoma City. I had never even been in a boutique before, much less tried anything that expensive on. The store itself is incredible. If you get a chance check out the gallery on the website. It is very modern and chic.

The outfit they gave me is worth more than everything in my closet combined. I shop primarily at thrift stores because I am so very cheap so when I saw a $100 t-shirt, a $300 scarf, and $2,000 dresses in this store I had to touch them all because I assumed I never would have the opportunity again. While I can afford some of the items there I am not yet physically able to let myself even fathom purchasing an item of clothing that costs that much. Maybe someday I’ll get there…

I chose a fuchsia satin knee-length “Esther” style skirt by Temperley London ($690), a Valentina Shah “Laura” style black sweater with lacy cap sleeves and details ($225), a “Crystal Bow Belt” by Temperly London ($830) and a pair of nine-carat crystal dangle earrings by Crislu ($145).

It changed my life because I never thought I could be photogenic (because I freeze up in front of a camera), had never dyed my hair (and I LOVE IT!), had never really seen my new size 2/4 figure before, and met some amazingly generous people I never would have without this makeover. It was an incredible experience I will remember forever!

You can read the full article by Mood Magazine for The Oklahoman here. It also appeared on the front page of The Oklahoman (above the fold) and was a full cover and feature on the Mood fashion insert. That was a huge surprise- I thought it was just going to be on the website so it was kind of surreal to see myself on the cover of a fashion feature.

Here are some pictures. The article linked above has a pretty cute video they put together.

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