Pinterest Pore Mask Review

Several months ago I pinned this diy pore mask to my Pinterest and decided to give it a try on this 40 degree spring day.

The only 2 ingredients are 1 1/2 TSB milk and 1 TSB unflavored gelatin. Mix, heat for 10 seconds and start applying.

Here are some important things I wish the blogger had mentioned:

1. It smells pretty terrible. It’s heated milk with gelatin for crying out loud. I had no idea it was going to be so strong

2. There is no way you need to wait 15 minutes. My husband did it and waited 4 minutes before he started peeling. I tried to follow directions and waited the full 15 minutes.  He said some of the peeling hurt at only 4 minutes so I thought maybe I could handle it because I have a decent pain tolerance.

It. Was. So. Painful. Little stray hairs got stuck in the mask and I only noticed once I started peeling. Luckily it comes off with a good washcloth but take my advice. Wait 2-3 minutes instead. I wish I had!

Now for the results- the fun part.

Both of us have amazingly smooth skin. Now, as far as pore cleaning… I’m underwhelmed. If I had paid for expensive pore strips I would have been pretty bummed out.

I have no zits usually, but after this mask I had 1 with a white head immediately pop up to the surface. At least that suction-like effect worked though I’d rather have skipped the new zit part.

To me, my pores still look dirty. Maybe they’re cleaner, maybe they’re the same but they certainly seem to still have some dirt in them.

Overall- an inexpensive, slightly smelly, and temporarily painful way to spend 15 minutes on a cold, dreary Saturday. There’s a silver lining though- our skin IS super smooth now.

Have you had any Pinterest successes or failures?

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