Hydration 101

Disclaimer: the next several posts are going to be health related…and recycled. I wrote these recently for an internal office newsletter and thought someone else might find them useful.

Nobody wants to be nagged about their lifestyle, so instead I hope to be able to provide some tips, tools, and practices I’ve found useful to me as I’ve embraced a healthier lifestyle over the past few years.

Let’s kick this off by discussing water intake. We all know water is essential to life; even your body’s principal chemical component is water.

This means that water is essential to your well being and health.

The Mayo Clinic (see above link) recommends that men take in about 13 cups of water a day, whereas women need an estimated 9 cups total.

Increasing your water intake has several benefits:

  • Generally improves skin/complexion
  • Flushes out toxins from vital organs
  • Carries nutrients to your cells
  • Increase your energy levels (because your body is functioning with optimal hydration)


So how do you get started?  Drinking water is hard! I know, because the old me would  grab a soda or sweet tea before I’d even think about drinking water. I used to joke that the only water I drank was the ice in my tea.

Then I spent a week in Nevada and in 2007 and drank primarily water during because it was readily available…and crazy hot outside.

I noticed I felt better and was more energetic during the trip (even though I was still fat) and just kept it up once I got home.

You now see me with a 33 oz. water bottle all the time. Why? Because if it is in front of me I will drink it. And so will you.

It wasn’t exactly easy to give up the things I thought quenched my thirst, but as I kept practicing drinking water instead of the other junk it got easier. It just took time and required me changing my habits.

Looking back I realize those types of drinks only made me more thirsty for the product I was drinking; there was no significant hydration taking place.

I can honestly say I am happy drinking plain ol’ H20. But, if you’re not quite ready to drink plain water you can try zero or low calorie water flavoring products like Crystal Light drops or packets.

Still not enough to make you switch?

Try seltzer water or carbonated flavored water. My husband prefers seltzer water because it still feels like you’re drinking soda because you get the carbonation and the feel and sound of opening a can like you would with a soft drink.

Whatever way you choose, just start. Starting means you’re serious about changing your lifestyle.

So get out there and start hydrating!

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