Eat This Not That

Disclaimer: the next several posts are going to be health related…and recycled. I wrote these recently for an internal office newsletter and thought someone else might find them useful.

Last week I shared with you all how to add some color and nutrition to your meals by eating foods from the 5 major color groups.

Now let’s talk about choices. My mother has always said “life is about choices.” As a kid I didn’t really understand that, but as I have gotten older it makes more sense. Making bad choices is how I gained over 70 pounds, so I can attest to the fact that life truly is about choices.

choices-signWe are in a fast paced convenience-based society so we are bombarded with quick meal options all the time. Most of those grab and go meals are terrible for us and most of us are just too busy to care.

What I’d like to do is challenge each and every one of you to start caring and to start critically evaluating what you fuel your body with. It sounds really difficult which is why so many people just go for the easy, quick meal.

The first step is the hardest, but trust me it gets easier with time.

So how do you get started?

You look at what you’re about to eat and think “what can I eliminate or skip to lower the calories of this meal?”

• Cheese is very high in calories and comes on most everything you can get when you drive through someone. Get a sandwich, skip the cheese. Save about 70+ calories.

• Get a burger, take 1 bun off, or pinch the middle out of the bun. It looks and feel weird at first, but it lowers your caloric intake and is just one step you can take to have a healthier meal.

• If you have a chance to order a combo, skip it. The fries are terrible for you and drink water instead of the soda. Or, if you feel you need the combo, get a small size and a diet soda or unsweet tea. Add some sweetener if you need it.

• If you have a choice to have grilled or crispy, choose grilled.

• Think lean. If you have an option for other meat like fish, buffalo, or turkey, go for it.

• Skip the sauces or dressings, or go for a light version.
It is little things like this that can really make a difference on your daily intake and helps you both lose weight and get healthier.

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