How to Shave on the Cheap Using Safety Razors

I looked all over the internet and found very few articles written for women about shaving with safety razors so now a little over a year later I thought I’d write a quick and dirty safety razor review for the ladies.

You’ve probably read or at least seen the “How To Shave Like Your Grandpa”  articles that have been circulating on the internet. My husband David read one on LifeHacker and decided he’d make the switch.

He’s in the military and has to shave every day so he does the whole bit- lather, big soap brush, safety razor, etc. When David does something he goes all out.  Butterfly safety razor

If you live in a household where more than one person shaves or shaves as often a he does the price of shaving can get out of hand. 1 pack of 8 blades is about $20 last I checked!

To compensate for the outrageous cost I ditched the lady razors almost 10 years ago just so we could stop buying 2 different brands of blades and I tasked myself with trying to find bulk buys on eBay and Amazon. Bargain hunting on the same thing that often can get kind of old.

Then there’s the problem of having all those razor handles lying around because sometimes it is cheaper to buy the handle and blades together than just the replacement blades by themselves. That’s just wasteful, IMO.

When David switched our shaving costs dropped dramatically. Instead of $20 for 8 blades we were getting 100 blades for less than $13.00. That’s savings you can shake a stick at and I LOVE to save money.

David started earlier than me (January 2012) and we still have about 20 blades left of the 100 we originally ordered.

Aside from the savings I noticed his shaves were better and his skin was smoother so I took the plunge and decided to buy a safety razor, too.

I was worried about cutting myself on it because of an accident I had as a child with a similar razor blade setup so I wanted something with a long handle that was safe to use and clean.

I found this one. Butterfly open design, long handle, sturdy. I love it. It delivers a shave closer than any of the gimmicky made-for-women razors I’ve tried over the years.

I thought this non-curved razor wouldn’t be able to go over my knees and ankles very well, but it’s been a year and I’ve yet to cut myself. If you know me personally you know that’s a big deal because I’m really clumsy.

Protip: don’t shave sideways or you’ll cut yourself. Shave in vertical strokes and don’t press too hard. Let the weight of the handle do the work for you.

It took some practice and I missed some spots early on, but once you get used to it I think you (and your bank account) will be glad you made the switch!

Do you shave like your grandparents? Let me know how it has helped your skin and budget.

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