DIY Fix-Snowboard Jacket Waterproof Lining Flaking Off


Does your snowboarding jacket look like it has dandruff? If so, the waterproofing/waterproof liner is flaking or falling out because it was put in the dryer, because of the age of the jacket, or both.

You’re sick of having white flakes everywhere when you put it on or take it off, so how do you fix it? The good news is that (in most cases) your jacket is still perfectly usable, at least for a little while longer.

I spent a lot of time researching how to fix this issue on my husband’s snowboarding jacket. He is new to the sport and bought a jacket at a thrift store for a decent price, but once we got it home we saw why it was there. We actually thought that the flaking lining was the pattern on the inside of the jacket.

Upon closer inspection jacket looked like it had dandruff- we had to vacuum the floor just from taking it out of the shopping bag. So it stayed in the closet until I found a solution.

The fix I found online was for a tent, but waterproofing is waterproofing and the jacket is fine. He even used it on the mountain and it worked great.

How to remove the waterproofing from your snowboard jacket:

1. You’ll fill the washer with just enough HOT water to cover the jacket.

2. Start the washer put in 1 cup Parson’s ammonia. This kind has suds.

3. Let the machine agitate a few minutes before putting the jacket in.

4. Let the jacket soak overnight. I checked it a few times to make sure the jacket itself wasn’t getting discolored or falling apart (since I found no specific how-to for snowboard gear)

5. Rinse the next morning

6. Line or air dry.

You may have to do this process a few times depending on how much lining is left in your jacket to begin with.

7. *Optional* Spray the inside with CampDry if you want to, but my husband skipped this step and said the outside lining was intact and that he had no waterproofing problems on his snowboard trip.

I hope this works for you!


***Update*** This is a few years later… (I know)..but I’ve had people ask about this recently so I wanted to update. Also- ew, typos… hopefully I fixed them all.

This jacket ended up lasting 2-3 trips if I recall correctly.

It did hold up semi-okay, and my husband’s clothes weren’t drenched after a day of snowboarding, but the flakes did persist. Those flakes really stood out on his clothing so we ended up just buying new gear.

However, this can be a great way to give your gear a tiny bit more life, but unfortunately it doesn’t extended it by that much. It’s alright in a pinch, though.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “DIY Fix-Snowboard Jacket Waterproof Lining Flaking Off

    • The flakes came off with the soak, but it took several rinse cycles and even then not every flake was removed. I also vacuumed it once it was dry. Unfortunately it’s not a 100% fix, but it’s better than it was.

  1. Hi! I was happy to find this! We just bought our son a “Nordica” ski jacket, used. It looked great, but when I washed it (per tag instructions), it left little white flakes on everything in the wash. I shook it out, and it shed those white dandruff-like flakes all over the floor. You’re saying this is the waterproof lining? Doesn’t that mean the jacket won’t be waterproof any more? Once all the flakes are gone, will this be over? Or will it keep happening? (Ugh.)

    • Hi! While I’m no expert and I don’t know for sure what I found online suggested it’s an old and/or dried out waterproofing. I’m sorry to say that sounds like what happened to you.

      My husband was able to get ReviveX wash in waterproofing liquid, but it didn’t last. He ended up using it on the slopes twice before we gave up and bought newer gear.

      At the time it was a cheap fix since he got the jacket for so cheap, but like many cheap buys they aren’t long lived.

      Good luck to you, I’m sorry I’m unable to be of more help!

      • Thank you so much for your response–and your original post! We’re going to try everything you tried, but I sense we’re in for the same outcome. My son loves the look of this old coat, but we’ll have to see if it can keep him dry! Thank you again and best wishes!

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