Burger King Japan- Kuro (Black) Diamond Burger

American living in Tokyo, here.

Japan seems to really like promotional and limited edition items, and I’m starting to enjoy the novelty of it, too!

This October I finally was able to get my hands on a kuro (black) burger from Burger King Japan while visiting Akihabara.  The kuro burger has a black bun and black cheese colored with bamboo charcoal and squid ink ketchup.

I meant to try the kuro earlier in the summer, but with my whole cancer thing all my plans got put on hold.  Once I was feeling better I was relieved to learn that the kuro burger was still being served and that I hadn’t entirely missed it.

I rarely eat fast-food, but I was willing to give this a try since we never have anything like this in America.

So, how did it taste?

The bun was crispy; in fact, the bun was my favorite part.

I don’t like fast-food cheese slices, but I still ate it since it was limited edition. It tasted fine (remember, this is coming from someone who doesn’t like fast-food cheese).

The burger was good- the typical Burger King patty.

Would I eat it again?

Since I don’t like fast-food I have to say no.

But, hypothetically… if I was someone who regularly ate fast-food I’d say yeah, totally, but without the cheese. It tasted pretty good for fast-food!

Kuro Diamond Burger King wrapper

Unwrapping the Kuro Diamond burger


Kuro Diamond Burger King

Burger King Japan’s Kuro Diamond Burger



2 thoughts on “Burger King Japan- Kuro (Black) Diamond Burger

  1. I’ve heard of the kuro burger from another website, and it looks interesting.
    What did the black burger taste like? Did it have any sort of unique flavours to it that differs from a regular japanese/american burger?

    • The burger tasted normal, but the cheese was what tasted different. It’s a little hard to describe. “Fishy” isn’t the right word, but I could tell the dye and flavoring was sea-food related. So, squid-y? Since it was flavored with squid ink? haha!

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