About Me

Hi! I’m Angela and I live by the mantra of  if you never stumble or fail then you are never progressing! 

angela2I should know, because I’ve tried a lot of things!

I have been a(n):
  • Wal-Mart cashier and greeter
  • associate and interim manager at Dillard’s
  • pharmacy tech
  • executive assistant to the president of a company and writer for their company merchandise catalogs
  • Director of Marketing for 26 stores in 5 states
  • a 911 operator
  • outbound tech support for one of the biggest aircraft and defense companies in the world
…and now I work remotely in the knowledge management field for the world’s largest startup. (hint, they’re out of Round Rock, Texas).

I enjoy challenges, training people, web design, talking, learning new things, marketing, networking, and sharing.  I REALLY enjoy saving money and personal finance in general. My husband and I enjoy traveling, scuba diving, riding our motorcycle, music, going to concerts, and talking tech together.

Oh, and my favorite Crayon color is Jungle Green and my favorite word is awesome.