Success and Failure part 2

It’s a cold winter evening so I thought I would finish up the part 2 of my take on Jeffrey Gitomer’s chapter about traits of and the difference between failure and success from his book The Little Red Book of Selling.

10. Take Responsibility. It’s human nature to blame others for our failures. However, you have own up to your actions. Successful people take responsibility for everything they do and everything that happens to them.

11. Take Action. Period. Say you’re going to do something and DO IT. Talking big is a large part of vocalizing your goals..but follow through and take steps towards making them happen.

12. Make Mistakes. Be willing to make mistakes. Making mistakes is only failing if you quit after making the mistake! You can never grow and learn without making a few mistakes along the way. Embrace them!

13.Willing To Risk. No risk, no reward-or as Gitomer says- no risk, no NOTHING! Risk is the basic of success. If you never step outside your comfort zone then nothing will ever change for you!

14. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize. Vocalize your goals, write them down, post them where you can see them daily. If you lose sight of what you’re working towards, then it is easy to lose your motivation.

15. Balance Yourself. You’re pulled a million different directions in your day to day life- aim for balance yourself by trying to manage your time, eating better, and taking time to relax.

16. Invest, Don’t Spend. This is a BIG part of where people fail in this industry. When you spend, make wise investments and stick to the goal is MAKING more than you SPEND.

17. Stick At It Until You WIN. Another reason people fail is because they quit TOO SOON. When it gets tough, they quit. Times get tough, but then they get better. Are you a quitter, or a winner?

18. Develop And Maintain A Positive Attitude. Life is about perception. So is success. So are you positive, or negative? If you are negative about your business, then why do you still do it?

18.5. Ignore Idiots And Zealots. This is my FAVORITE. I also include haters in this list. All of these people will try to rain on your parade- and if you LET them, they win. These people have no parade of their avoid them. Period! This goes for your facebook list too- I regularly purge people who whine about their life, yet never do anything, and those who are rude and/or mean. I suggest you do it, too! You need positive energy in your life!

A side note about 18.5- stop being a zealot yourself. Excitement can EASILY cross that line (believe me I’ve been there) so if you find that people treat you like a zealot perhaps there is some truth to that so all you need to do is tone it done just a little and put that energy into action rather than talking about whatever it is you’re doing.