Charity Focus: Larch Cat Adoption Program (LCAP) Larch Corrections Center

In January I came across a program called Cuddly Catz (UPDATE: 2014-Cuddly Catz has since dissolved and the program is now called Larch Cat Adoption Program (LCAP) in partnership with West Columbia Gorge Humane Society).

I am truthfully unsure of where I read about it, but it is a program that pairs cats with behavioral or other issues with non-violent inmates who care for them and prepare them for their forever home.

I was quite moved by the information I found on their website and by the stories of how this program has changed both the cats and their handlers.

January came and went and I forgot to send a gift card donation but this weekend my husband and I went and made that happen. It will go into the mailbox tomorrow.

With that, I invite you all you consider sending a gift card in any amount to this program so it may help them with their mission.

Here is an email I received from one of the volunteers when I asked about how to donate:

Hi Angela,

Thank you for your comment on our website. The handlers are doing a great
job and in the last year have worked an animal cruelty case that brought
in three adults, six kittens needing bottle feeding, as well as an
overweight kitty, an aggressive kitty, and one who had inproper urination
issues. To date, their adoption rate is amazing and out of twelve cats,
nine have adopted, and one returned to the owner.

To answer your question about donating to the program. You can do one of
two things. Cuddly Catz has closed their bank accounts as we transition
the program to now help local shelters, but you can donate to West
Columbia Gorge Humane Society who has just placed five cats in the
program. Their website is and there is a donation
link. You should be able to notate LCAP Program (Larch Cat Adoption

Or, if you want to support the handlers directly, you can purchase a gift
card of any amount at PetSmart or Petco and mail to Larch Corrections
Center, 15314 Northeast Dole Valley Road, Yacolt, WA 98675. Please send to
Att: Monique Camacho – LCAP Program, and the gift card will be utilized
for whatever supplies they need for the cats in care.

Thank you again for your kind words and interest in the LCAP program. We
will continue to post updates on the website during the transition period
and then you should be able to continue to follow the program via West
Columbia Gorge Humane Society’s website.

Kelly Clarke
LCAP Volunteer

Check out this news coverage about their work: Prison Inmates Get Rescue Cats Ready For Adoption