Sophia Weight Loss Body Shaper & Lilia Weight Loss Leggings- Do They Work?

Lilia Weight Loss Leggings

Have you seen those ads on Facebook and Instagram for the amazing weight loss and anti-cellulite leggings or panty style body shapers sold by Trendiness? The ones with the fancy animation showing their magic cosmetic textile technology?

Yeah, me too. I saw them over and over for weeks. And in the end, I bought a pair of the leggings.

So, here’s my experience.

Here’s what I’m talking about:



Basically, the seller says these “cosmetic textiles” are created to slow release various ingredients to help with weight loss and the reduction of cellulite.

Weight loss leggings are nothing to be laughed at- I still swear by my Zaggora Hot Pants, leggings, and Hot Tops . I wear them for every workout.

But, after losing my thyroid to cancer my body doesn’t do what I want it or work like it

once did in terms of weight loss, so I was open to seeing if these leggings could be a useful tool.

From the website:

Lilia Weight Loss Leggings Unboxed

What is the Lilia™  ?Lilia™ is a cosmetic body shaper that focuses on weight loss and anti-cellulite through its combination of more than 30 special ingredients such as red algae, almond oil, or buckwheat, that are micro-encapsulated directly into the textile and released when the shaper is worn, to provide long-term, continuous benefits.

Using unique sewing techniques from the high-end shapewear industry, the Lilia™ shaper also provides instant shaping benefits and will lift the butt, flatten the tummy and remove love handles.

It’s perfect for all-day shaping and perfectly balances comfort and compression to be your most favorite everyday essential!

What are cosmetic textiles?
Cosmetic textiles are functional fabrics impregnated with cosmetic ingredients that are released onto the skin during the course of wear. They can provide multiple cosmetic benefits, such as moisturization, slimming, UV protection, energizing, or temperature regulation.


INSTANT SHAPING – Unique sewing techniques for shaping the waist, hip, belly, and love handles to look better and slimmer instantly.
LONG-TERM RESULTS – Special micro-encapsulated cosmetic ingredients added into the textile, promoting weight loss and removing cellulite.
JUST WEAR IT – and look slimmer instantly, while letting the beauty ingredients penetrate your skin over time.
RESULTS WITHIN 2 WEEKS – The powerful action of the active ingredients can last for up to 8 weeks. Visible results can appear within 2 weeks.
CAN BE WASHED – the microcapsules are designed to resist more than 40 washes before they degrade. Thus, the cosmetic action is guaranteed throughout the entire period of treatment.
WHENEVER YOU WANT – The capsules won’t degrade if you won’t wear the body shaper, so you don’t have to wear it every day – a few days a week is more than enough.
SEAMLESS & COMFORTABLE – High elasticity provides comfort and seamlessness.
60-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – get a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied. No questions asked.


Reduce cellulite by up to 41%
Up to -2.1″ (-5.5cm) around hips
Up to 1.2″ (-3.1cm) around waist
100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy


91.4% of users reported losing weight over a 12-week period
99.1% of users reported improvements in combatting cellulite
97.7% of users recommended this product


Fabric: 96% Polyester, 4% Elastane
Active ingredients: Caffeine, red algae, flower bamboo cypress, almond oil, buckwheat fat, garcinia fruit, lavender, shea butter, sophora flower, ginkgo leaf, guarana, forskolin, coleus extract, nagi podocarpus extract.
Cold wash only. Hand-wash recommended. No drying machine.
Capsule resistance: ~40 washes.
Not recommended for pregnant women.

I wore these for 35 days. Here’s what I took away from the experience.


  • They’re soft.
  • They’re Comfortable.
  • They’re moderately stretchy.
  • They smell nice right out of the box, but it fades quickly
  • Wearing them reduces hunger cravings due to light compression. Your brain doesn’t get the signal that it’s hungry.
  • Trendiness has great customer service (see below in the Cons section)
  • Trendiness has a pretty decent return policy- though I was not granted a full refund as advertised (see the Cons section).


  • I did lose almost 2 pounds, but these simply don’t live up to the hype.
  • The weight loss seems to be due to the compression and appetite reduction rather than any of the ingredients that are supposedly built into the leggings.
  • The first pair’s thread unraveled in the crotch in 10 days, but Trendiness sent out a new pair at no cost.
  • The second pair’s thread unraveled in about the same amount of time
  • They’re too expensive. They’re comfortable, but the minimal results in no way justify the price of about $50 for a pair of black leggings.
  • While Trendiness says they offer a FULL REFUND within 60 days I was offered a refund, but it was $6.95 less than the amount I paid. I’m not sure why I got less than a full refund, but I have bigger things going on right now so I’m unsure if I’ll fight it.

The Verdict?

Waste of money, which is incredibly disappointing. I was so optimistic about these.

Maybe if you have a biologically “normal” body they might work for you, but it was a bust for me.

Oh well, live, learn, and get almost a full refund, I suppose.

So, did you try them? And did they work for you?

Your Body is a Machine

Disclaimer: the next several posts are going to be health related…and recycled. I wrote these recently for an internal office newsletter and thought someone else might find them useful.

One of the key components of weight loss or weight maintenance is about what you consume. I prefer to avoid referring to it as a diet or dieting, because “diet” generally has a bad connotation and often reminds people of yo-yo or fad diets, failed weight loss attempts, and the like.

In my own experience I’ve found these types of fads or practices have the potential to be very unhealthy because they keep your body from gaining valuable nutrients and can put stress on your system as it tries to perform using only the diet food. I’ve tried many plans over the years. Weight Watchers, Atkins, NutriSystem, The Hollywood Juice Diet, and more. None worked long term, if they even worked at all.

I did eventually discover a meal plan that used to be prescription only that changed my life. I lost over 50 pounds by only eating the food. I was in an ankle brace and was unable to exercise. I in no way sell or earn any money from the plan, but will tell anyone about it if they ask.

What I found so amazing on my own weight loss journey was that your body will actually tell you what it needs once you get all the junk cleaned out of your system. Once I ate nutritious food for a while and had a sugary treat my body reacted to it in a way I had never noticed before.

I got a headache, my stomach hurt, and I felt sleepy. You might not find that as fascinating as I did, but I remember being astounded at how negatively the human body reacts when those kinds of things are reintroduced to it.exercise1

I like to think of the body as a machine. It only works as well as the fuel you put in it. If  you load up with sugary, salty, carby foods think of that as dragging the machine down and hindering its performance. Eating a good balance of protein and good carbs can provide high energy levels and increased performance without any pills or supplements.

It suddenly made sense why today’s society has a health problem as a whole. We as a culture fuel our bodies with junk food so our bodies are then trying to compensate for that in an attempt to run efficiently.

Next time I’ll go over some simple guidelines to help you transition into eating healthier. Until then, keep drinking water, get up and move around a little bit, and think about what you’re about to eat. Is it fuel, or is it junk?

Please Read This First Before Asking Me About Medifast

This post is because of the countless questions I’ve been asked and the countless long phone calls I’ve been on with people talking with them about Medifast.

This post might rub you, dear reader, the wrong way and know that was never my intent. I am just going to do a tell all here rather than continue spend hours on the phone with people who a) buy the food and quit or b) never even try. Every time I talk to someone about it they do with a or b..and it makes me wonder why I even bothered spending my time trying to help.

It is so very, here goes.

1 year ago I weighed about 170 pounds. I say “about” because I stopped weighing at 160 pounds but from looking back at pictures I think 170 is a conservative estimate.

Today, May 3 2012, I weigh 119 pounds with no exercise. (Click picture for full size)


Here’s the secret. Medifast. You can read all about it at their website. In fact, I will just only tell you about my experience with it. If you do it, good for you. If you don’t, that’s your choice.

I started Medifast because I got a severe ankle sprain. I have loose ligaments meaning I can do several of those double-jointed tricks. The downside was I had no idea until AFTER this injury.

  • I started out by counting calories. What I found, though, was that my large sweet tea from McDonalds was taking up more of my calorie “budget” than I wanted so, I was drinking my calories and was missing out on the protein/carb balance so I had to change that habit eventually. I probably lost about 10 pounds counting calories.
  • Then I started using the Wii Fit and lost about 10 more pounds. The Wii Fit requires you to do it barefoot. Seeing as I have no arches (due to the loose ligaments as I found out later) I sprained my ankle something FIERCE. It was a 8-9 month ordeal. I saw 2 orthopedic surgeons. Both told me I would have to have surgery and that it would be 12 months before I could walk again.

I decided that I had to keep losing weight so I could at least have a chance at recovery through physical therapy. David, my husband, had seen someone’s Medifast results in a forum once and did it himself with amazing results so I though I could give it a try.

With his encouragement, I ordered a full month’s supply. I kicked and screamed over it though. I loved food. I didn’t want to quit eating whatever I wanted. But I knew I needed to.

I was a sweet tea or coke a day kind of person before Medifast and now it has been 1 year since I have had sweet tea OR a full strength soda. Now, lots of people say sugar substitute causes cancer but you know what? I have bad genes as it is and we’re all going to die one of these days I might as well die in the body I want!

Here’s the deal:

Medifast is a 5 and 1 meal plan. You eat 5 of their meals and 1 lean and green meal a day. There is a chart that even tells you the leanest of the lean to the fairly lean meats.

  1.  I ordered the pre-selected foods on the women’s plan. My advice- try the bars, shakes, puddings and brownies.
  2. The peach tea is TERRIBLE. The soups are okay, but they take too long to make. The eggs are actually good but, again, they take time to prepare. The oatmeals were tolerable at first but then I began to hate the taste of them- they also take time to make.  (see a trend here?) I wanted a quick, easy solution and the bars and such fit the bill.
  3. The hardest part was the first 3 days. Your body has to adjust to the lower calorie intake so I suggest starting the plan on a Friday.
  4. David was VERY supportive and we went through and donated any pastas or otherwise unhealthy food/snacks we had left.
  5. I began to really get into the My Medifast forums. You will find lots of tools, support, recipes, and the like. Reading and connecting with other Medifasters really helped me in the early weeks of the process.

My goal was to get down to 130 pounds.

I noticed inches coming off before I noticed weight. My clothes were getting baggy. I kept with it. I lost a few pounds at a time until they all started adding up. Down 1 dress size. Then another. And if I failed (and I did cheat ALL the time. My biggest fail was cheese dip) then I just ate my next Medifast meal on time. The weight came off and I kept going.

That’s the long and short of it. Commit to the program. Commit to eating the food. Commit to your own success and you WILL LOSE WEIGHT. I cheated, was physically unable to exercise, and actually lost MORE than my goal weight on Medifast.

And, for the record, I get paid NOTHING to tell you about Medifast. I want people to know that if I can do it (and I am one of the weakest willed people in the world when it comes to food) then THEY can do it.

I kept the weight off for 6 months without being on Medifast. I got down to 124 pounds.

  • I ate the same concept of 6 meals a day- Egg whites and turkey bacon, a fruit, sugar free yogurt, a turkey unwich wrap (no bread, just lettuce) maybe some crabstick by itself, and then a lean and green meal.

I gained nothing back but I felt like giving Medifast another go a few weeks ago to see what other inches come off because I’m happy with what the scale says. With the inches lost a few more pounds did come off, though. Now I’m down to 119 and a size 7.  I started the plan at a size 14/16 and was a size 22 at my heaviest.

I no longer have a craving for sweets, just salty foods from time to time. And when I get weak I use the My Fitness Pal iPhone app to look at the food I was considering. If I discover it is loaded with calories then I just choose something else, or only eat it without the bread, etc. This way I’m still in control of my cravings. I have them, but I choose what I do with them.

You can do this. Stop being afraid. After you’ve read this then decide for yourself.. do you want your life back?

I know I left some things out because I wrote this pretty hastily last night… if I failed to cover something you wanted to know about just let me know!


Update Summer 2013

Current weight: 118-119, current size 2-4 (achieved with good eating habits, exercise, and Hot Pants 

I’m asked this alot, so here are some items I seemed to order most:

Item Type Quantity Price Each Your Total Price**
Dutch Chocolate 55 Shake
Item Code: 51710
Box 2 $16.50 $27.12
Brownie with real chocolate chips
Item Code: 57500
Box 2 $16.50 $27.12
Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Item Code: 57710
Box 2 $16.50 $27.12
Chocolate Crunch Bar
Item Code: 64805
Box 3 $16.50 $40.68
Chocolate Mint Crunch Bar
Item Code: 64905
Box 2 $16.50 $27.12
S’more Crunch Bar
Item Code: 65455
Box 3 $16.50 $40.68
Chocolate Pudding
Item Code: 57400
Box 1 $16.50 $13.54

Medifast is a tool, your body is the machine. Was it hard? Sometimes- but it would have been harder and taken longer had I try to achieve the same results without Medifast.