Your Body is a Machine

Disclaimer: the next several posts are going to be health related…and recycled. I wrote these recently for an internal office newsletter and thought someone else might find them useful.

One of the key components of weight loss or weight maintenance is about what you consume. I prefer to avoid referring to it as a diet or dieting, because “diet” generally has a bad connotation and often reminds people of yo-yo or fad diets, failed weight loss attempts, and the like.

In my own experience I’ve found these types of fads or practices have the potential to be very unhealthy because they keep your body from gaining valuable nutrients and can put stress on your system as it tries to perform using only the diet food. I’ve tried many plans over the years. Weight Watchers, Atkins, NutriSystem, The Hollywood Juice Diet, and more. None worked long term, if they even worked at all.

I did eventually discover a meal plan that used to be prescription only that changed my life. I lost over 50 pounds by only eating the food. I was in an ankle brace and was unable to exercise. I in no way sell or earn any money from the plan, but will tell anyone about it if they ask.

What I found so amazing on my own weight loss journey was that your body will actually tell you what it needs once you get all the junk cleaned out of your system. Once I ate nutritious food for a while and had a sugary treat my body reacted to it in a way I had never noticed before.

I got a headache, my stomach hurt, and I felt sleepy. You might not find that as fascinating as I did, but I remember being astounded at how negatively the human body reacts when those kinds of things are reintroduced to it.exercise1

I like to think of the body as a machine. It only works as well as the fuel you put in it. If  you load up with sugary, salty, carby foods think of that as dragging the machine down and hindering its performance. Eating a good balance of protein and good carbs can provide high energy levels and increased performance without any pills or supplements.

It suddenly made sense why today’s society has a health problem as a whole. We as a culture fuel our bodies with junk food so our bodies are then trying to compensate for that in an attempt to run efficiently.

Next time I’ll go over some simple guidelines to help you transition into eating healthier. Until then, keep drinking water, get up and move around a little bit, and think about what you’re about to eat. Is it fuel, or is it junk?